London based composer and recording artist R J K creates a unique mix of indie, classical and electronic elements into a multifaceted experience for the mind and body of the listener. Heavily influenced by films and visual art, his music explores the human condition in relation to its surroundings, evoking distinct scenes for the listener to inhabit. While he has been compared to artists such as Kate Bush, Brian Eno and Jeff Buckley, his music is as original as his influences, with a sound that freely shifts while remaining identifiably his. Having begun the project in London, UK while at the Royal College of Music, R J K has since performed and recorded in London, Berlin, Toronto and Montreal. 2019 is guaranteed to be a catalyst year for this promising artist, first with the release of his single Somewhere, and its accompanying music video, off of his debut record Braedalyn.

Live at Servant Jazz Quarters (excerpts)
"Somewhere" Music Video